Video Marketing Into– Marketing a product well is the basis of any promotional campaign. As there are a lot of ways of doing this and getting the product to a platform where it is commonly recognizable, serious consideration must be given to the mode of adverting used. Video can assist with that.

Video marketing has been proven time and time again to be one of the most useful tools in being able to successfully achieve the presence the product or service needs in order to be unmistakably recognizable.

Introduction to Video Marketing

Video marketing bring life to any marketing campaign as it has the ability to transform static and unattractive conventional advertising styles into action orientated presentations. In the fast moving and ever evolving world of today, people are looking for newer ways to capture in the attention of the market share of customers and likewise customers want to be wooed with exciting presentations that tickle
their minds.

Video marketing also has the unique element of being able to connect with the target audience both visually and mentally, taking the audience to a whole different level of advertising. This then translates into successful sales figures which are what advertising is all about. It also motivates and put the target audience in touch with what is foremost and important to them.

Scientific research has also shown significant increase in value of anything when it is visually exposed to the target audience. This in a certain way is instantly taken to a whole other level which indirectly creates the perception of value on the products for the viewers.

Video marketing speaks to an individual the way no other form of advertising has managed to. Video marketing is able to create the perceived want and need in the individual for something they may not
even know about or pay attention to until being exposed to this type of marketing approach.

What To Consider in Video Marketing

Every business strategist needs to be aware of the most current, viable and successful way of garnering and maintaining optimum business success. Understanding that marketing has shifted form a one-way broadcast to a multi-point conversation is a good start. Today a huge amount of consumers use online searches when looking to research products of services.

Think About This

Video marketing is now becoming increasing popular as a tool to reach out to a wider target audience than before. People seek out these forms of marketing and advertising tool to help them find answers to their questions, show them how to do something or when they would like to read about reviews on a certain product, service or business.

Therefore considering the use of video marketing for online or offline businesses will introduce the most powerful way of reaching the target audience by way of information provided, education of the
product use and benefits, building a community of users and many more.

Currently more and more people are making purchasing decision based on the video marketing tool they have come in contact with.

Several search engines have noted an increased interest in potential customers seeking the information on services or product through online facilities, one of which is video marketing.
There is documented proof that about 92% of all purchases are made based on being able to source the relevant information and make a decision based on the exposure from video marketing.

Therefore it could be said that marketing online is no longer an option but a very real and important requirement. This then makes it even more evident that video marketing is the best option to choose
from in order to ensure optimum exposure on the business.

Because most of the information available through this style of advertising is open to comments, negative or otherwise the added element of trust and integrity is vigorously pursued.

The Top Sharing Sites

Video sharing has become a very popular form of distributing information today. in this scenario free video sharing sites like YouTube, Twitter or Yell can connect the information and disseminate it to a wider audience base

What Are The Best Sites

Below are some of the more popular video sharing sites available;
• Video sharing on Bolt – geared more towards the younger set, this site offers tools for uploading and sharing videos, photos and games. Generally it is a fairly straightforward free video sharing site which encourages the exchange of information.

However this site does not allow any obscene, harmful, illegal, copyrighted, and other negative elements to be listed or posted. There is also no stalking, impersonation or spamming allowed at this site.

• Video sharing on Drop Shots – this is a family friendly site that mainly focuses on allowing its users to easily upload and share videos and photos of family and friends. Touted to be the number one private video sharing service currently on the internet it is fast growing and relevant. The positive elements that are created by the time saving facility and the amazing speeds of the uploads and use provides indeed a beneficial for those always on the go.

There are also free and premium accounts available. The large high quality images and private and secure storage feature is also another plus for this site.

• Video sharing on Clip Shack – is a site where assortments of tools are offered for tagging and sharing videos that have been uploaded. It also consists of user generated content and has a social networking and digital marketing tool tagged to it. Recently Clip Shack has added another feature to the collection and this one integrates Google Maps for the convenience of its users. This enables the user to track the content and search by location.


Finding The Right Target Audience

Making unfounded assumptions is often the serious mistake most people make when sizing up a potential customer. The same can be said when targeting a certain perceived set of audience. The saying
that looks can be deceiving has never rung more true.

The Ins and Outs

Perhaps one good starting point would be to look into the psychographic trends that are currently dominating the desired target audience. Understanding that is not all about the demographics, such as age, income, gender, race and others will allow for a better view on the how to reach the intended target audience. This then allow for a better marketing effort to be launched in order to reach the desired target audience.

Making the mistake of depending on the merit of the product or service to speak for itself could cause detrimental effects in the business arena. A better option would be to focus on groups that can identify and be interested in the product creating the element of appeal.

Conducting a preliminary market research exercise on competing businesses and stores would help identify particular products and the consumer’s reaction and purchasing percentage to the said item.

This will also bring to light the effectiveness of the media of advertising used. This could also include a team assigned to create market awareness and in doing so can categorically identify the right
target audience.

Conducting online surveys is also another way to assess the probability of the choice made on the perceived right target audience. However it should be noted that very few people are willing to take and complete online surveys if there is little or no incentives tagged to the completion of the survey.

Assessing the market situation as a whole and how the product or service would impact it is also another indirect way of establishing the basis for the right target audience choice.

How To Rank On Google

For those interested in listing their sites on Google getting to the position where their sites are listed in top positions is a goal that most would be interested in achieving.

The Plan

The following are some tips on how to get good ranking on Google:

• Making the correct keywords choice is of utmost importance. Having a good collection of suitable keywords will help ensure search engines like Google keep the site highly listed.

• The integration of back links which are relevant and content rich is also a suitable way to get high ratings on Google. These links will help to enrich and provide other sources of information which in turn will give the visitors more than enough useful information and thus relief the potential visitor to the site from having to research and open other sites.

• Randomly submitting websites to many different search engines could prove to work against instead of for the individual. Choosing carefully and listing on a few sites that gives better and easier access to visitors would in turn allow for Google to be interested in ranking the site featured at a higher rank.

• Getting the content readable and interesting is very important. The idea is to have content that will create a level of interest that would ensure the visitor stays on the site. Featuring information that is relevant and properly researched is also another reason Google would be interested in rating the site highly. The longer a visitor stays on the said site the better.

• Being good enough to have links pointing back to the individual’s site is also another plus point that increases if potential to be a popular site and thus attract Google’s interest in highly ranking the site.

• Knowing and applying Meta tags is also recommended. These hidden descriptions that appear at the beginning of the HTML code is what the search engine spiders can read.

Picking A Title

Sometimes the titles of something can make or break the possibility of success when it comes to making the decision to watch or purchase the said item. As this directly affects the revenue and popularity the item garners which in this case are videos, title choosing must be done with serious consideration.

What To Choose

Start by thinking seriously and listing all the titles that could be perceived as dynamic and attention grabbing. Once a targeted number of titles have been listed, then the next step of linking the video content to the most appropriate title should be done.

Understanding and determining the audience preferences before deciding on the best title is also recommended. Changing the title selection based on this may also have to be done in order to ensure
the target audience is drawn to the videos. Reflecting on things the audience would look for when linking the title to their perception of the content is also needed.

Using words in the title selection that have a direct connection to the content of the video is another way to get the best possible title for the videos.

Taking important words that link to the video gives the potential viewer an immediate and clear idea of the possible content of the video. This then creates the sense of urgency and curiosity that allows the viewing process to commence.

Keeping the title short and easy to understand is much better that using words that are above the understanding of the vast majority.

The idea is for the videos to be exposed to as big an audience as possible, thus using short yet descriptive titles is advised. Doing a little research into the most popular and effectively chosen titles would also give the individual a good idea of what attracts the audience to decide to view the video.

Developing The Art Of Going Viral

Being able to draw a huge number of viewers to any particular site is essential to the sites success whether it is in terms of garnering revenue or for popularity purposes. Spreading information fast and effectively also is another very important concern for many using the internet as a tool for these purposes.

Go Viral

Understanding what is required to create the art of going viral is encouraged before the exercise commences. Some important factors should be noted and seriously considered when developing this.

Communication between consumers in now more popular than before and it is usually the making or breaking point of any endeavor. Creating the circumstances where a high number of followers are
assured should be among the step to take.

Then ensuring the followers are responsive and stay that way is also important. Exploiting the advantage of having influential people on the list also enables more interest to be drawn to the site. The more that are
shared and connected back to the individual’s site also helps. These factors will directly impact the art of going viral.

Content is very important. Posting only relevant and substantiated information keeps the level of trust and interest high. Most people will only share information if it makes them seem well informed and authoritative.

Developing content that is rich in amazing information and illustrations is one way of developing the possibility of going viral.

Designing catchy headlines is also important. This is rated highly among the other aspects of developing the art of going viral. The headline is what is going to attract the attention of the potential viewers to the site and also create the interest in others wanting to link to the site. All this then contributes to the development
possibilities of going viral.

Some Talked About Viral Videos

There are all kinds of advertising tools available today but the most effective one is the one where the particular topic, service, or product has become the talking point in everyone’s communications and
discussions. There is nothing that can compare with this kind of publicity good or bad.

What Gets People Talking

In order for viral videos to have any impact the end results of posting the video should being able to make it the hottest topic in town. The videos must be able to capture the attention of as many people as
possible without any other added need for further advertising.

Below are a few examples of the kinds of viral videos that have managed to make the cut.

• The New Dork – Entrepreneur State of Mind is listed in the number one slot. Catchy and music based with the accompaniment of an individual rapping’s style of communication, it is not only hip but also relevant to the current viewing masses taste.

• 2010 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial I Black Sheep KIA Hamsters video. This video is for private viewing but even then this element has not had any negative impact on its popularity. Being slotted as one of the top ten viral videos that people talk about proves this point.

• Another really fantastic viral video was the one done for IKEA and by IKEA titled Herding Cats. This wonderful video portrays the creativity and out of the box thinking of its designers.
Catching very natural and uninhibited film of the cats roaming within the store was ingenious, especially when there were shot that could be eventually used as perfect advertising tools for their products. Even the cats know what’s best – so to speak.

• Tea Partay is an interesting video depicting the upper class youngster’s lifestyle in the commonly used rap style presentation. This video is humorously so out of place that it is quite entertaining.

Blogging And Social Media

When the idea behind any launch is to reach as many people as possible the social media tools can be a very inexpensive and cost effective way to build up the desired amount of interest needed to make it a resounding success.

Some Great Tools

Where some media tools may be a little more effective than others, it is still noted that all these tools have their merits and should be understood well before making a choice. Knowing which one to use
and when is advantageous.

In using Twitter as a possible tool for marketing videos some steps needs to be taken. Perhaps the first and most important step would be to create a hashtag such as #smss10 or #metweetup. This would encourage visitors viewing the video to encourage others to view it with easier access.

Encouraging visitors to tweet out the hashtag should create the desired spreading of the word which will translate to a wider spread of potential viewers.

Keeping the viewers constantly reminded about the video is not very wise unless that are other bits of information that is also shared, such as new sponsors, speakers, Q and A sessions.

Marketing through Facebook is also another very viable way of getting the video noticed by the masses. Keeping the status constantly updated with news of the video is a prudent thing to exercise. Making
use of the Facebook Events platform is also something that should not be overlooked as its merits are far reaching.

Adding features like Like Box is also advised.
Marketing the video using the Blog platform is also recommended. Creating posts to announce the video and also to attract attention to the viewing is encouraged.

Using as many guest posts as possible to encourage further visits is also an added advantage. This will create the opportunity to reach a wider audience platform

What To Avoid

There are quite a few mistakes individuals can make when deciding to use video marketing to broaden their business revenues. Some research and consideration must be exercised to ensure this does not happen.

Know This

The following are some suggestions on things to avoid when considering video marketing:

• Using the wrong basic equipment can and will produce lower quality videos and thus affect the general acceptance of the said video. It is important to use a good quality high resolution camera and avoid
using items like cell phones or digital cameras. This will definitely produce better quality videos.

• The area chosen for the video shoot is also important. Having an unattractive back drop or a rather dull and ill lighted space is discouraged as it would end up dulling even the best plot video shoot.

• Failing to edit the video is another serious mistake that should be avoided at all costs. An unedited version of the video can show the lack of commitment and seriousness when it comes to producing
quality work.

Adding to this, a poorly presented video will be unable to capture and keep the attention on the visitor to the site and thus defeat the purpose of the video in the first place.

• Not making the effort to market the video properly is also another thing to avoid. A poorly marketed or even non marketed video will not get the exposure it needs to make it a popularly viewed video. If there is no knowledge about the video then there can be no interest in its viewing.

• Picking the “correct” types of characters to be featured on the video is also very important. Taking this element for granted should be avoided.

Pleasing looking people will undoubtedly be able to attract the attention of a visitor to the site rather than dull and uninteresting looking people.

Wrapping Up

Marketing with video is a powerful tool for your business and for bringing traffic to your site. You will be able to do it the right way with all the information that has been provided in this book. Get started marketing your videos correctly right now.

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