victor ijomah

Welcome to my corner of the digital universe! I’m Victor Ijomah, your guide through the vast expanse of SEO and digital marketing. If you’re new to the tech field and looking for a simplified and comprehensive understanding, you’ve come to the right place.

Professional Background

Having served as the CEO of, SchoolNews.Info,, and, I’ve spent countless hours developing digital marketing strategies and utilizing SEO techniques to boost online visibility.

My journey continued as a Brand Strategist at Hamplus Technology where I designed and executed brand strategies to drive brand awareness and foster customer engagement.

Skill Set and Expertise

Diving further into the social media realm, I undertook the role of a Social Media Manager at Delta State University, WaveCrestFx Academy, and many other reputable organizations that I can not state due to the Non-disclosable agreement I signed up with them when I was contracted.

Here, I immersed myself in creating original, engaging content and managing various social media platforms to bolster their online presence.

But how do these experiences aid you? Well, they’ve equipped me with a unique perspective on brand development, digital strategy, marketing management, WordPress, and social media optimization.

I enjoy breaking down complex ideas, making SEO and digital marketing strategies easily understandable for newcomers.

Educational Background and Certifications

My educational journey in Mathematics and Computer Science from Delta State University laid the groundwork for my analytical thinking, a crucial asset in effective marketing strategy.

My knowledge was further extended with certifications in Health Safety and Environment Management and course completion from the Google Mobile Academy for Africa. Plus, my credentials in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google assure that you’re learning from someone with a solid footing in the field.

Personal Attributes and Commendations

I take pride in my strong communication skills and proven problem-solving abilities, traits that have been commended by my university lecturers and CEOs of Companies I’ve worked for and currently working with.

My dedication to continuous learning and my reliability in managing tasks and projects ensure that I deliver quality and timely content to you.

When I’m not unraveling the intricacies of the digital world, I enjoy catching up on the latest tech news or delving into a good book.

This passion for learning and sharing knowledge is what drives me to help newcomers navigate the digital marketing landscape.

My Mission

A picture of Victor Ijomah, an SEO in NigeriaThrough this blog, I aim to demystify SEO and digital marketing concepts, enabling you to grow your digital footprint confidently.

My mission is to help you cut through the noise and gain a clear, comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape.

Reach Me

So, go ahead and explore the blog! If you have any questions or need some advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can connect with me on my social media platforms.

Welcome aboard on this exciting digital journey!